Monday, November 21, 2016

You are in Baakleen*

 Hey you passer-by! 
Linger awhile
adjust the handles of your watch 
on the rhythm of things around you
The sun slows down his pace
as he passes from here
to fill his eyes with the Chouf foothills  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~     

Stop, O passer-by!
adjust the beats of your heart.
Here the crowns of Chouf Mountains
hug the clouds
here the brides of cedar
feed from the breasts of the sun
here is the ascension of love and ecstasy
here the gods pour their aged wine  
in the mouths of poets 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dismount O passer-by!
take off your sandals
for you are in Baakleen
* Baakleen is a city located in Chouf Mountains, 45 kilometers southeast of Beirut, Lebanon. I was invited to Baakleen National Library reading in early 2011 to participate in poetry reading.  

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Thank you
for not including us in
your revolutionary city project
for not letting us play a tune
recite poetry
or prose
write a line
utter an alphabetical letter
or even breathe

Thank you
for not permitting us to build a home 
open a store
till the land
grow wheat olives willows
or roses

Thank you
for not granting us membership in
the Republican Party
for not allowing poets to open
an account
in the bank of your great state
or become members in your exclusive club
of the rational

Thank you
for sentencing us to exile
contrary to poets' rights...
And so we came out  
narrating and imitating
that we may not dry in that painting
within your walls
Thank you...

The Soldier

At snail’s pace
he strolled towards the other kingdom
leaving behind
two hollow eyes
in dismay
at a gang of vicious beaks
banging and clanging
until they cracked
the curved bone
and went picking at the



listen sweetheart!
outside the rain
whinnies out loud
as it pummels the little hill 
and rests a while
then gently... gently penetrates
the soggy soft soil

hear the blossoms on the cherry tree

moaning with pain  


O our great grandmother!  
You, who were our original sin!
If you were just a rib
that Adam was robbed of
while he was
or drunken
whence have you brought those cunning eyes
that dispossessed Adam of his power
liberated him
and us

from the luxury of paradise